Integrates with the tools you know

Goodbye Zoom Fatigue

Engage Better

Podable frees your employees from their screens, allowing them to engage in content while they exercise, commute, travel, and more.

  • Podcast episodes are instantly available to employees on their iOS and Android devices, allowing them to listen whenever the time is right
  • Reinforce concepts with Follow-up Actions when employees return to their screens
Broadcast Securely

Own Your Message

Create content exclusively for your private audiences, allowing only invited-listeners to access your content at any time.

  • Share secure and revocable podcast invitations with your employees, partners, and other team members
  • One-click sharing with your employee base using our integration with Google Workspace (G Suite by Google)
  • Track listener activity to optimize your content and engagement efforts
Easily Create

Simple, Guided Publishing

Record your podcast with one or multiple speakers using conferencing tools you already use. Our integrations with Zoom, Bluejeans, Google Meet, and more allow you to turn recordings into podcasts.

  • Pre-build content templates designed for boosting sales enablement, product launch, best practices, and other trainings
  • Capture professional-quality audio with free Shure podcast microphones (available with select plans)
  • Upload raw audio to Podable and add in intro/outros and basic edits in our web user interface
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