Works with the tools you know

Record podcasts with your current conference tool

Podable's integration with every major conferencing application allows you to record audio podcasts with one or multiple speakers.

We work directly with BlueJeans, Cisco WebEx, Google Meet, and Zoom so your team doesn't have to learn any new programs to start creating compelling sales enablement podcasts. Plus, use our cloud-based user interface to edit your podcasts as well as add intros, outros, and bumpers.

Podable works with Google Meet for accounts on Business Standard, Business Plus, and Enterprise editions.

Invite, manage, and remove listeners with Google Workspace

Instantly share secure, trackable podcasts with anyone in your organization using Podable’s integration with Google Workspace. If your organization manages users through Google Workspace (formerly known as G Suite by Google) you can invite any employees to your podcast, track their engagement over time, and remove their access at any time.

Easily distribute and track engagement on iOS and Android

Employees can listen to your podcasts on their iOS and Android devices with Podable’s dedicated apps. Our native applications allow users to receive your podcasts alongside their other favorite podcasts.

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