Why Podcasts Work

Let’s face it, most sellers don’t want to be tied to a screen for hours on end, especially when those hours conflict with revenue-producing opportunities. Traditional live trainings have their place, but are often overused and lead to less engagement over time.
Podable empowers companies to connect, train, and inspire their sellers through podcasts. You can use Podable to provide deeper context on product rollouts, interview customers to gain their insights, and showcase repeatable success strategies from fellow sellers -- all while giving your team the chance to engage on their terms with fewer distractions.

Screen-free and compatible with the real world

Unless you manage a team of cable news anchors, your sellers and customer-facing professionals are fatigued from endless internal meetings and video calls. And while many companies talk about encouraging an active lifestyle and taking a break from screens, very few actually commit to that promise with tangible offerings.

Podcasts provide a better way to engage your distributed workforce and deliver content directly to your team’s iOS and Android devices -- no hunting down links or buried email attachments. Episodes can then be consumed on-demand whether folding laundry or training for a marathon. They can be paused, restarted, and enjoyed multiple times.


Complement existing training programs

Podcasts are the perfect complement to your existing sales onboarding, enablement, and training programs. Designed for giving the “why” behind the “what,” each episode can provide context to your product launches, the strategy the led to recent customer wins, and bring your sellers closer to the value your company delivers.

Best of all, they can be produced with the same tools you use today for virtual training sessions and distributed seamlessly and securely through Podable.


Less distraction, greater comprehension

Our desktops are littered with distractions -- email notifications, instant messages, task alerts, that report you still haven’t finished, not to mention the rest of the Internet. As soon as a virtual training session or team meeting has a lull, we can easily slip away into the rest of the work that’s on our desktop.

Podcasts are different. They are single-purpose and screen-free experiences that are designed to be consumed away from your computer. This gives the listener a chance to actually focus on the story.


Broaden the conversation

Podcasts are ideal for expert interviews, panel discussions, and storytelling -- content that can bring more people into your sales enablement and training program. Podable integrates with video conferencing services which can bring in multiple people for a single podcast episode.

Podable’s library of content ideas helps to make sure your internal podcast episodes are optimized for the biggest impact, so your employees get value every time they put on their headphones.

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